8a Certification Program Services

During The Program

As an 8a certification program participant, you are expected to review the SBA annually. The SBA does so to measure your success from the previous year, ensure ongoing compliance with 8a certification program eligibility, and amend the business plan as appropriate to include the assessment of strengths and weaknesses and recognize any potential for change.

There is a risk of removal from the program if you fail to make improvement or are non-compliant with program specifications. We will work with you to make sure you comply and help recognize any areas of marketing and business growth that need improvement. In addition, we will update your business plan to include any potential prospects for the year ahead.

After you have been approved, your business plan is a vital component of your progress in working with the SBA and ensuring your performance in the 8a certification program. The US SBA Business Plan Form 1010c is a significant document which facilitates your partnership with your appointed SBA representative.

The form provides the SBA the details required to assess the current state of the companies as well as the goals set. They will collaborate with you on a comprehensive, realistic plan detailing achieveable goals in the short and long term, as well as being a fluid, changeable document based on your opportunities and achievements.

One of the reasons why the 8a certification program is appealing is the potential to expand your business and to help you compete with bigger businesses. If you have been certified, you have the ability to work with larger companies that are accredited through the Mentor Protégé system of the SBA to operate on larger contracts. These are win-win relationships with both parties benefiting from the agreement.

These deals are closely regulated by the SBA to ensure that everyone profits and no transactions are overboard. As such, the approval process for a joint venture needs correct documentation and adherence to the Code of Federal Regulations. We will direct you through the process, and plan the SBA approval application. Any failure to meet the application criteria may cause the application to be delayed or rejected. So we are here to assist you.

You must be certified as a protegé under the Mentor Protégé program before you can engage in any joint venture. The approval process, as with joint venture deals, is stringent but worthwhile. Participating in this program will help you boost your productivity, achieve your business plan targets and help you reach the next step in the development of your businesses. We will direct you through the process, and plan the SBA approval application.

US Federal agencies explicitly set aside contracts for 8a certification program companies operated by Women, Veterans and Native Americans. To apply for this award, the company must be a small company owned and operated by either a Woman, a Veteran or a Native American 51 per cent. You must be a resident of the United States and you must be the top ranking and highest paying executive in your company. For those certifications, we will help you complete and apply your application to the SBA.

The goal of this program is to provide economic development in traditionally underused business zones. The HUB Zone system promotes economic growth and employment in disadvantaged areas by providing access to incentives for federal contracting.

If you are doing business in a designated HUB region, you can qualify for the certification. You must have your headquarters and 35 percent of your workers live in the HUB sector. It gives you flexibility to have sole sourcing contracts on some federal contracts plus a 10 per cent advantage on competitive contracts. If you qualify our 8a certification program experts will help you apply for your HUB Zone certification and obtain it.