A man filling out his 8a certification application.

8a Certification Application Services

Before The Program

We’ll connect you with a qualified consultant who will have a conversation with you about your current and potential business goals, and how you plan to use 8a application certification to grow your company. We’ll share with you some tips on the “best techniques” to obtain your 8a certification. No sales pressure, just an exchange of details about what you need and what resources we provide.

If you would like to continue we’ll quote a firm fixed price for preparing your SBA 8a certification application submission. Our 8a Certification Application Preparation services are affordable and price changes depend upon the application’s complexity on a client by client basis.

To show your social disadvantage, you need to write a written narrative to accompany the letter. There needs to be a thorough statement explaining how your social disadvantage over time has contributed to your failure to enter the business world, or your business world progression. In assessing social deprivation the SBA considers education , jobs and business background. After a comprehensive and informative consultation with you, we’ll plan and review your social disadvantage story. Your narrative will use the following as evidence:

  • At least one attribute that has led to your social handicap, i.e. race, gender and physical disability.
  • A definition of your lifelong social disadvantage.
  • A description of how you’ve been adversely impacted by this social disparity in terms of business growth.

The 8a Consultants have set an outstanding track record of positive results on the behalf of our clients looking to receive 8a certification. Our knowledgeable consultants will also help you continue if need be with a proposal for reconsideration if your initial 8a certification application is denied by the SBA. This includes working closely with you to establish a viable strategy to be included in the reconsideration request phase, as well as documenting all the relevant data / statistics and other documentation required to ensure that the reconsideration request addresses thoroughly all of the areas of concern as stated in the SBA ‘s letter of rejection. We draft all correspondence for submission to the SBA, on behalf of the company.

You will have a time limit of 45 days to make the request for reconsideration. Please don’t let the rejection of your application become final because you skipped the time limit for reconsideration. Contact us today for a free consultation on emergency services.

With the help of our consultants, you will receive very specific guidance about how to meet each of the five (5) conditions of the two year waiver rule for the 8a certification application. From explaining each condition in your narrative to preparing the exact supporting documentation you will need to send to the SBA to support your narrative, our consultants will also provide a detailed example of narrative write-up for each condition.

Our consultant will help you prepare the the two (2) Year Waiver for the 8a certification application while saving you countless hours of trying to figure out how to properly complete it on your own while suffering possible endless back and forth or long delays in the SBA ‘s processing of your 8a certification application two (2) year waiver.

We’ll get written affidavits from people you’ve known for some time who can verify the statements made in your narrative of social disadvantage. Both have to follow your story of a being a socially disadvantaged individual. Getting the appropriate affidavits that say the right things are important to improve the chances of getting your 8a certification accreditation. We can support you by producing such affidavits with the most effect on your application in a convincing and persuasive manner.